Where do I register or donate? 

Registration opens in May.

How, when, and where will I get my shirt and hat? 

If the address that you provided in your registration is outside of the Denver Metro Area we will mail your shirt and hold your hat at event for you to pick up on the day of the event. If the address is in the Denver Metro area, we will use a courier service to deliver the merchandise that you ordered to the address on your registration a week before the event. If you have not received your order by Friday, August 23, 2019, please email wes@sewaldhanfling.com or call (303) 800-4500.

If I don't take the bus down to the fair, where will I park and how will I get into the fair? 

If you drive down to the fair, your Rustlers shirt will get you into the fair grounds for free. Only official Rustlers wear our Rockmount shirts and everyone recognizes us. Park on the lot on Arroyo Avenue (one way going West) and enter through Gate 2—the Events Center is a bit of a walk to the far west side of the fairgrounds. Or, park at one of the paid lots on Prairie Avenue and enter through the main gate. The Events Center is near this gate. 
CLICK HERE to see the map.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes we do. Click here to be directed to it.

What if I just want to contribute and I am unable to attend the event? 

If you only want to contribute, that is wonderful! However, we would appreciate you registering online so we can maintain your contact information and you can print a receipt. You can register by clicking here and selecting “I can’t attend, but would like to provide a donation.” You can donate by mailing a check payable to Denver Rustlers, Inc. to our address:

Denver Rustlers Inc
1045 Lincoln St. Ste. 303
Denver, CO 80203


How long is the event? 

Check-in and brunch begin at 9:30 a.m. at Del Frisco’s, the buses leave Del Frisco’s at 12:00, we try to arrive at the fair by 2:15, and the sale runs from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Depending on the number of attendees, we run several buses on a staggered basis which begin leaving at 6:00.

If I am attending lunch only, what is the price of the event? 

Tickets to the 2019 Denver Rustlers event cost $625 whether you are attending the lunch and livestock sale or just the lunch in Denver.

What if I get my shirt or hat and it does not fit? 

If you discover that one or the other does not fit, please email us at wes@sewaldhanfling.com and tell us what the problem is and the size you think you need. It may be possible to exchange your shirt or hat for another size at our offices downtown (see address above.) Because we special order these shirts and hats each year, we may not be able to make last-minute exchanges, but we will try.

How do I know what size hat or shirt to order? 

CLICK HERE for size charts. 

What if I am registered on someone else's behalf? 

Our online registration system will allow you to register on another's behalf.

How do I get a receipt for my contribution? 

The Denver Rustlers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. The online registration generates a receipt with our tax ID and details, which you can print at the end of your registration. If you forget to print out the receipt at the time you register, you can sign back in to your online registration and print the receipt.

Who can I call if I have specific questions and/or problems with registration? 

Please email wes@sewaldhanfling.com or call us at 303-800-4500.

How does the sale work, how is my contribution used, and can I bid more on an animal? 

The Rustlers pool our money. Tim Schultz figures out how to spend our money so that every young exhibitor gets a fair price for their animal. If you want to bid on an animal because you know someone or met one of the exhibitors on the way in, let Tim or his side-kick Craig Walker know that you want to bid. Tim will tell you how much the Rustlers will contribute, and when the price goes above that Tim or Craig will ask you if you want to personally contribute more. Please feel free to bid more, but the additional amount is your responsibility to pay. We send invoices to you along with a photo of you and the animal and the exhibitor in September.

Buying Groups — Some of our Rustlers get together and form buying groups for the grand champion and reserve grand champion animals. If you want to participate in a buying group and/or form one, let us know.

This is a terminal sale, meaning that all of the animals are taken to slaughter at the end of the sale. We have no ability to change this; it is a rule of the State Fair. If you want the meat, you can pay for the processing and arrange for pick up of the meat. Usually, we sell the meat to the processor. The meat processor will “buy-back” the meat, and then the Rustlers use that credit to spend more at the sale.